Check PC Specs

Check PC Specs Before Buy a New PC/Desktop in 2022

Check PC Specs No matter what you are looking for, You need to know your system specs. Whether you are looking for your PC upgradation, you need to Know about your PC info.

 Whether you can sell your current system, you need to know what specs you have in them so that you can use them in your ad. If you are also going to buy a PC, then Checking my computer specs is an important task.

Checking computer specs is an easy task. Have a better idea about how to check PC specs before Buying or selling Your PC.

How to check the specs of your PC?

If you are a PC owner looking for information about How to check computer specs. Then below mentioned are such essential specs to look for before buying or selling a PC:-

Check what kind of processor you have:-

While checking Your computer specs, The first thing which strikes the mind is the processor. If you are wondering what kind of processor you have, Then finding it out is quite simple. 

Follow the steps for knowing your PC info:-

1. To know my computer specs right-click the Windows Start menu icon at the bottom left of the screen.

2. Click on “System” in the menu that opens.

3. Next to “Processor” is what type of processor you have on your computer.

Check PC Specs

These are the basic steps if you want to know how to check PC specs

Check what kind of Graphics Card is Present:-

The process of finding the type of graphics card is quite similar to that are finding a CPU. However, checking to see what GPU your system uses is 50% more work than checking its CPU. 

Check the below-mentioned PC info to know your GPU:-

1. Right-click on the Windows Start menu icon. 

2. Click “Device Manager” in the context menu.

3. In Device Manager, click the bolt close to Display Adapters.

4. Your GPU will be listed there.

These are the GPU information steps if you want to know how to check computer specs.

They want to take care that they make sure there is two option under the display adapter stap. If it shows two, then it means that the PC uses an integrated graphics card within the processor.

The one that you are looking for is the dedicated graphics card. Besides, the dedicated graphics card is the more powerful and the more used one out of the two.

Most of the time, the dedicated graphics card will be listed on the second list. If you are using an Intel processor, Then the integrated graphics card will be named something like Intel HD graphics 4000. In this case, The second option will be the one. You want to know about.

Mostly it would either be something like NVIDIA GE force or AMD RADEON. Just note that if you have an AMD processor, then the Internet graphics would also be named AMD Radeon But in that case, you should go with the second option as that would be a dedicated In graphics card. These are the specific steps. That you should look out for GPU while Knowing about my computer specs.

Check what motherboard your PC is using:-

While checking PC info, If you want to find out the type of motherboard you are using, Then you have to go through a different process Than the above.

You could, of course, open up your desktop and cheque the manufacturing of your motherboard and the model name on the board. However, Motherboards are typically named something like ASUS Z690 Or MSI 550M. Over here, ASUS and MSI are the motherboard manufacturers, while the other code is the chipset name. So if you are not so familiar with Games, you can open up the Desktop and look for The string of letters over the motherboard.

Some users may follow the below-mentioned steps to check PC specs:-

1. Type “framework data” in the Windows search bar

2. On the “Framework Overview” tab (which opens on the left half of the window), look down until you find “Motherboard Manufacturer” or “Baseboard Manufacturer.”

3. The data close to “Motherboard/Baseboard Manufacturer,” “Motherboard/Baseboard Model,” and “Motherboard/Baseboard Name” ought to give you the information you are searching for.

Although in the majority of the cases, the information found on these tabs might be kind of rough. Many people go for the motherboard nam,e but at least it lets you know who manufactures their motherboard.

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