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How can one check Computer Specs Windows 10 System

There are certain types when your PC become unresponsive. And for Trouble checking it, Knowing your PC specs would provide more insight into it. But what in particular are PC Specs? When expanded PC Specs Windows 10 Mean person computer specification. These are the specifications of computer hardware that provide technical specs. Besides, it also provides information about the parts used inside your PC.

If we also consider the Windows 10 minimum specs, it Includes Processor speed and the number of Core. Besides, it also tells about your CPU model and manufacturer details.

Windows 10 minimum specs will also tell you about your RAM capacity, internal storage space, and all other essential details.

Besides all these, there are other notable specs also. They are like network adapters, Video Compatibility And so on. You will receive all your specs over the sheet if you have purchased a pre-built desktop.

Even after losing your original spec seat, there are plenty of ways to find your PC Specs.

What is the Importance of Knowing Your PC Specs Windows 10?

Having basic computer knowledge while upgrading it is generally a good idea. Walking into a PC store without an elementary knowledge of your PC Will take you a hassle. So knowing the computer specs, Windows 10 is a good idea.

There are plenty of ways To know computer specs Windows 10.

How to Check Specs On Windows 10 PC?

In Windows 10, the ability to determine the technical specifications Is handy. Besides providing details about requirements, It also provides InformationInformation about upgrades. If you are having a system issue, then Checking the Hardware specifications will help. Besides, it can also tell you when it is time to get a new machine. Now the question arises how to see computer specs windows 10?

Specs Windows 10

Over Windows 10, there are plenty of ways to see PC specs for Windows 10.

How to See PC Specs Windows 10 Using Settings?

Hovering over the about page, You can See the basic system specifications. Such As processor and memory. Besides, we would also see windows installation details. To know how to check specs on Windows 10, Use the settings app, then follow the below-mentioned steps:-

1. Open settings.

2. Click System.

3. Click About.

By doing this, you would come to know how to check the specs on Windows 10. Besides, over the device specification section, check for the processor and system memory. Besides, also check for RAM and the architecture of the computer. 

Over the windows specification section Lookout for the software specification:

4. Edition – Indicates whether this is a Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home installation.

Version – Displays the version of Windows currently on the computer.

Installed On – Displays the date of the feature update last installed.

OS Build – Displays the build version number. The first five numbers represent the version. Anything after the dot represents the latest quality update.

· Experience – Displays the version of the service feature pack installed on the device.

Once completing the steps, you will know about your pc specifications. You can also share the above specifications using the copy button.

How to Find Computer Specs Windows 10 By Using System Information?

The system information app will provide you with details on seeing computer specs for Windows 10. For viewing the complete overview, System information is the best.

To know how to find PC specs for Windows 10 using system information, follow the below steps:-

1. Open the start menu.

2. Look for the MS Info 32 Period. Now click over the top result for opening the system information App.

3. Choose the system summary category from the left navigation plane.

4. Confirm the computer specs on the right side, including the system model and type. Besides, it also includes the processor band and model Information.

5. Expand the component branch.

6. Finally, click over the display to view the graphics card’s technical InformationInformation.

After completing these steps, You will know how to find pc specs windows 10. Besides providing System information, it also has an option for creating a report.

If you still face difficulty, search the web about how to see computer specs for Windows 10.

How to Check Computer Specifications Using The Direct X Diagnostic Tool?

Over Windows 10, we can also use the direct X diagnostic tool to check your system information. Besides, it also provides information about your sound and video support. Besides, you can also use it to determine many other Tech specs. Follow the below mentions steps to check your pc specs:-

1. Open the start menu.

2. Look further for the DXDIAG And click over the top result.

3. Click over the system tab.

4. Use the system information section to check your computer specs.

5. Click over the display tab.

6. Click over the device section to determine your graphics card Specifications.

7. in the meantime, click over the save all InformationInformation.

8. Select the designated folder.

9. Confirm a name for the report.

10. Click on the save button.

11. Open the file explorer.

12. Open the folder containing the exporter information.

13. Right-click over the text file to view the exported InformationInformation.

Once you have completed the abovementioned steps, you can open the text file for Viewing PC with your specs.

How to Find Computer Specs Over Command Prompt?

You can also see your specs using the command prompt. You can use the command “system information” over the command prompt window. This will show you your PC’s hardware and software details.

For PC specs over the command prompt, Use these steps:-

1. Open the start menu.

2. Search the command prompt and right-click on the top result.

3. Type the following commands to find the device specs and press enter:-

· Systeminfo

You can see your computer specs after completing the steps mentioned above. It will tell you about their computer hardware and software information. Besides, it will also provide information about your system update and its architecture. Apart from it, you will also come to know about your system memory and network details.

In short, to summarize, knowing your system information would help you know your PC better. Besides providing InformationInformation, it will also tell you about hardware and software specs. Using these details, you can further upgrade your computer.

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