Hp elitedesk 800 G2

HP Elitedesk 800 G2 Core i5 8 GB RAM/500 HDD Desktop Specs

Hp elitedesk 800 G2 In today’s world, PCs have gained importance. Others use them for business purposes, while Children use them for gaming. Whatever the reason, PC has always played an important role in our life. In short, PCs have greater importance in the business field.

This is the PC for you if you are looking for an office PC that can also support mild gaming. The HP elite desk 800G2 Is the best office PC. Besides being a prebuilt PC, it can also be custom designed. This is the best PC for both gaming and office use. A part using up Motherboard It also supports Intel’s 6th generation processor. 

The HP Elite Desk 800G2 Is a desktop form factor computer, and the desktop form factor pcs are like tower form factor pcs. Besides using the same Motherboard, the height and all are also the same. The only difference is that this Lies flat on its side.

So Below Mentioned are Some Specs Of HP elite desk 800G2:-

Windows 11 Upgradability:-

Although this PC supports Inter 6th generation processor, it is still not upgradable with Windows 11. According to specifications, models with Intel Core 7 or older are not supported. To update from Windows 10 to Windows 11, they should have a processor with TPM 2.0

Hp elitedesk 800 G2


The HP elite desk 800G2 Supports Intel i5 and i7 6th generation processors. In August 2015, this processor came into life. It Uses a 14-nanometer manufacturing process. Besides being powerful, it also provides a better User experience. Apart from it also has lower power consumption.

RAM Of Hp elitedesk 800 G2

This PC provides four ram slots. Besides, it also has a dual-channel memory configuration, which is enough for any use case that calls for better RAM.

The HP elite desk 800G2 supports 64GB of DDR4 RAM to fulfill your gaming and office needs. For light gaming, 8 GB of RAM is enough. For everything else, such as office user-heavy gaming, 16 GB or more RAM is enough. Along with this amount of ram, you also receive many SATA slots for the hard disc.

The SATA port is one of the places where you can connect a storage device. In this case, this PC provides 3 SATA ports. Unfortunately, this PC does not provide any M .2 PCI-E sockets. So it would help if you relied on the SATA ports for connecting your devices. It does have a 1TB HDD but no SSD.

The M .2 PCISST connectors provide higher transfer rates. At the same time, the Old SATA interface has slower Transfer rates.

Wifi Support Of Hp elitedesk 800 G2

The HP light desktop 800G2 does not provide any onboard Wifi support. To use wifi, you have to upgrade it with a Wifi model. Or else you can also use an external Dongle. The USB dongle is much more convenient as it is easy to install.


When buying a PC, people do not look over the number of ports present. The lower number of ports can Create a hassle while connecting external devices. The HP elite task 800G2 Provides 10 USB ports in total. Unfortunately, this PC does not provide a USB 3.1 port. In short, having a faster connexion or, in other words, faster data transfer is not possible. Besides the USB port, it has video and an HDMI port.

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