Best Laptops for After Effects

Best Laptops for After Effects Software Top 4 in 2022

When it comes to the routine work of an editor, then they would recognize the necessity of ad up after effect. This software is essential for editing your video footage. This Best Laptops for After Effects software has capabilities like 3D topography, component systems, etc.

There are many Laptops out there that are both portable and compact for editing your footage. Depending on the features, each price varies from affordable to Extravagant. Out of them, you have to choose the best laptops for after effects. Using those laptops, you can easily edit your footage.

Besides video editing, post-production is another critical stage in filmmaking. It refers to combining multiple clips into a single scene. At the same time, post-production entails adjusting the quality of those clips. Whatever the motive, They all want laptops that allow them to work at higher resolution. So that is why They lookout for The best laptop for after effects 2022.

Suppose you are looking forward to getting into inertial video Editing. Then you will need a decent laptop that can handle the intense workload and regular video editing. One also wants a computer that can handle multitasking.

What is Adobe video editing software after effects?

After Effects is a software application developed for creating Visual effects, Macromedia, 1993 developed this software. Later in 2005, Adobe acquired it.

Today this is a famous software used by video editors and motion graphic artists. They use it for creating dynamic videos and animations. After effects software can use to make everything. Besides, it can also create realistic character simulations.

There are several things you consider while Choosing a laptop for after effects. The first thing to check out is your budget. Laptops for after impact may range from $500 to $5000, So make sure you have a budget that Is the best for you.

Next, The next thing to consider is the power and performance of the laptop. After Effects is a resource-intensive program, so you will need a Laptop capable of handling a lot of multitasking and highly lifting.

The last and most significant thing is its portability. If you are going to be traveling with a laptop a lot, then you will Want a compact and portable laptop.

Basic Laptop Requirements for After Effects:-

Below Mention are Some Requirements for Using After Effects:-


When it comes to the CPU, the processor used should be a multi-core intel or AMP processor. Besides, it should also have 64-bit support. Besides, It should also have SSE support. After Effects, we’ll use all the available cores on your machine. Rendering process Speed up the fast


After Effects can work with CCGP of RAM, But if the RAM is 32GB, it is even better. Higher RAM will permit you to work with larger files and projects. Without any performance issues.


The graphics card is vital as it detects how your laptop can run after effects. A powerful graphics card will allow you to render and export videos faster.


As prior mentioned, rendering takes up quite a bit of space. That’s why you require a laptop with plenty of storage. The least amount of recommended storage is 256 GB. However, 500GB or more would be optimal. If this much storage is insufficient, you can always upgrade your storage.

Best laptop to opt for Adobe after effects:-

Here is a list of the best laptop for Adobe after effects which you can look forward to before buying one.

1 Dell XPS 15:-

The Dell XPS 15 is one of the best laptops for after-effect. Besides having a powerful Intel I7 processor, it also has an NVIDIA graphics card. Besides this, it also has 16 GB RAM. One can further upgrade it to 32GB also.

CPU and GPU:-

 It has a powerful Intel I7 processor with NVIDIA GE force 4GB graphics card.

Best Laptops for After Effects

Memory and storage:-

This PC has a large storage capacity of up to 1000GB. This amount of storage is more than enough for all your effects Projects. Besides, it also has 16 GB of RAM. If necessary, one can upgrade it to 32GB.

2 ASUS ROG Strix G15

This is another excellent laptop for after effects. It comes with a 15.60-inch screen And offers 16 GB of RAM with 512GB of SSD.

CPU and GPU:-

When it comes up to CPU, this laptop uses an Intel Core I7 processor. Besides, it has NVIDIA RTX 2060 Graphic start. It has a page clock speed of 100 megahertz and an Upcoming spirit of 1560 megahertz.

Memory and storage

Over memory, this laptop also has 16 GB of RAM, which can further be extended to 32. Over storage, This laptop also has 512GB of SSD.

3 Lenovo Legion Y7000

This laptop is mainly preferred for After effects because of its affordability.

CPU and GPU:-

Best Laptops for After Effects

This laptop comes with an Intel Gore I7 processor. It is a six-core processor and can easily handle multitasking. Besides, it also uses the NVIDIA GTX1060 graphics card.

Memory and storage

This laptop uses 16 GB of DDR4 RAM when it comes to memory. Besides, it also has 128 GB SSD storage. One can further attach external Hard drives If they want to expand the storage.

4 Apple MacBook Pro

The Apple Macbook Pro is one of the best laptops for after effects. And extraordinary features Using which one can do seamless Video editing jobs.

CPU and GPU:-

The processor and graphics card of a MacBook pro is one of the most impressive features. This laptop comes with the system on chip Apple M16 Core. Besides, it also has a 16-core graphics card. So one can run after effects without any problem.

Best Laptops for After Effects

Memory and storage

When it comes to memory and storage aspects, this laptop provides the best features there too. Besides having 16GB of expandable RAM, it also has 502 GB of SSD storage. RAM


So this has been the guide to the best laptops for after effects. You can choose the computer that fits your job from the laptops mentioned above. 

However, if you are still undecided, we recommend the Dell XPS 15. This laptop is sure to meet all your needs. Besides, it also is available at a great price.19

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