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How Can We Sanitize Laptop Properly

Whether it’s just a monitor of a PC at work or a sanitize laptop on this, the standing desk with your computer screens does get grimy. Getting rid of that dust becomes a significant concern. With the silent and continuous dust buildup, the color and brightness of your screen may distorted. On top of it, greasy fingerprints can also make the condition worse. 

Even if you do not have a touchscreen model, your fingerprints over the display become visible when the screen is black. Finally, germs and other viruses are always an issue. So it’s just a good practice to sanitize a laptop screen and surface.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitized computers have become essential for our day-to-day work. Now, most people ask how can we sanitize laptop.

One should not apply this infect liquid directly to sanitizing a laptop. Water or most liquids are excellent conductors of electricity, so just a tiny amount could create a short circuit in your system. The harsh chemical found in our day-to-day household cleaners can create havoc on our computer monitors by wearing away their coating.

Then how to sanitize a laptop without damaging it? For safely sanitizing our system, one could either use a disinfectant wipe or an alternative spray disinfectant over a paper towel, using which you can wipe down all the dirt and grime from the computer. For wiping a computer screen, one should avoid paper towels or rags.

What is the best thing for cleaning a laptop screen?

The answer quite complicated. When the question is how to disinfect laptop, then there are 100 methods to do it. First, one should always follow their computer manufacturers’ specific cleaning advice. One should do it, especially if the device is still under warranty. Knowing what to say for your laptop screen depends on whether your laptop has a glass covering. When and doubt, refer to your system’s user manual. Since notebooks are routinely used under handled by many users, it’s always recommended to disinfect your laptop frequently. However, the best way to sanitize laptop is always using a damp cloth.

Sanitize Laptop

How to clean a display without a glass cover?

If one uses a laptop or a PC with an LCD screen that is not covered by glass, one should not use disinfecting wipes. Many manufacturers say that the active ingredients in the disinfectant liquids can easily damage your display. They state that some commercial glass cleaners contain ammonia and are therefore unacceptable if anything happens to the show due to cleaning with disinfectants while under warranty.

Can one use soap and water to clean the laptop?

It’s always said that one should not use open water to clean computer screens. Some soaps contain ingredients that are known for affecting LCD screens. The mixture makes the system wet and does not evaporate quickly enough. So it can actively damage your laptop’s display. 

How to properly disinfect a laptop?

To properly disinfect your laptop, you should always 

Power down and disconnect your PC. You should turn off the machine and unplug it from any electrical outlet or strip. If you are using a PC, then open the monitor. If a laptop, then remove the battery. This will prevent short circuits if any disinfectant liquid drips into the motherboard.

Shake out all the debris inside it. Turn the laptop upside down and give it a gentle shake, allowing large chunks of material to fall out. But one should be careful not to shake it vigorously as this may damage its internal components.

Remove the remaining dirt and brim using isopropyl and a cotton bud.

Sanitize the screen using these disinfectant wipes or a microfiber cloth dampened with sanitizer. Do the same with outdoor accessories like chargers, mouse Etcetera.

Suppose you have encased your system in a case. Then it would help if you kept your case clean too. A clean and sanitized case would further provide extra security to your device.

The manufacturers of laptops have various recommendations when it comes to cleaning their devices. It’s always recommend to follow their guidelines first. While distributors make content solvents or other cleaning agents that can damage your surfaces, You should be careful while cleaning your devices.

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