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If You are Facing a Problem in wifi not Working on Laptop

wifi not working on Laptop if you are facing difficulties opening a new web page or sending an email, it’s more likely that your laptop needs to connected to the wifi not working on laptop. Novthing is more frustrating than a laptop that is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, especially during the time of online work. 

The issue of Wi-Fi not working on a laptop is not alien to any windows device. Fixing the trouble is a challenging task now. Ensure your Wi-Fi is enabled on your laptop to find out the problem. Try connecting to a secondary Wi-Fi network. If the other device connects to the Wi-Fi successfully, we will have to fix the issue on the laptop. It also does not connect with the network. Then the problem is with the Wi-Fi network and therefore troubleshoot the router.

How to fix wifi not working connectivity issues in windows laptops?

You get home from work and try to connect your laptop to your home Wi-Fi network. It usually connects right away, but for some reason, sometimes the network won’t let you in. Many issues create the problem of the laptop Cannot connect to Wi-Fi. Most of the time, the fix is easy as switching the modem on and off again. Sometimes the starting of the laptop’s network driver or the hardware that lets the device communicate with another device called the network can help connect to Wi-Fi again.

When a laptop doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, It limits the methods you can use to access the Internet. Although it is a very convenient way of getting online, several other things must fixed while using the Wi-Fi network. The issue of laptop Wi-Fi not connecting can make your work slow.

Make a check for wifi not working issues:-

  • Check whether your router is unplugged or if the power is shut off. The solution might be as simple as restarting your router or plugging it back in.
  • Look whether your device is trying to connect to a different network. Although your laptop connects to your home Wi-Fi network, it may also try to connect to a different network sometimes. 
  • Cheque whether your Wi-Fi password changed and make sure that the new password saved in your device
  • Try to move a device closer to the router and check whether it connects to it or not.

Things to look out for in your windows laptop for fixing the Wi-Fi connectivity issue:-

  • First, check whether the Wi-Fi is turned on periodically, making sure to select the no Internet connexion icon at the bottom right of your screen and turn the Wi-Fi on.
  • And if it is on, then turn it off from the same Wi-Fi menu.
  • Look for the Wi-Fi network list and see if your trusted network is visible. If it is visible, then connect to the network. And if it displays connected, then disconnect and connect it again.
  • Try connecting into a different frequency band. Or dual-band Wi-Fi router displays two networks, namely 2.4 gigahertz and five gigahertz bands. If you connect to one network which shows no Internet connexion, there can always try connecting it to the other.
  • Ensure that the Wi-Fi switch over the laptop is on
  • Try running the network troubleshooter. 

How can one run the network troubleshooter?

For running the network troubleshooter:-

  • Click on the start button, Go to The Network and Internet settings, and check the status.
  • Under the advanced network setting, select network troubleshooter.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the troubleshooter and see if that fixes the problem.
wifi not working

If the laptop cannot connect to Wi-Fi, then troubleshoot the Wi-Fi network. You can restart the modem, creating a new connection to your Internet service provider.

  • Disconnect both the cables of your modem and router.
  • Wait for 30 seconds before plugging the modern Back into the power source.
  • In the modern, stop blinking.
  • Plug the Wi-Fi router back into the power socket
  • Wait for some time and check whether the Wi-Fi generates the laptop.

How to reset your laptop’s Wi-Fi driver?

For resetting your Wi-Fi driver of a laptop

  • Click on the Windows logo key and simultaneously press the pause button.
  • Select the device manager from the list
  • From the list of items, present their select network adapters, and then right-click on your Wi-Fi driver software and select the Uninstall device.
  • Then restart your laptop, wait until the boot is complete, and track connecting the Wi-Fi.

You can update your Wi-Fi driver manually by visiting the manufacturer’s website for the wireless network card that is being used on the laptop. Search and select the most recent Wi-Fi driver compatible with a device.

We can also turn off specific third-party antivirus software which May block the Wi-Fi connectivity sometimes. All these methods will help you solve the problem of Wi-Fi connectivity and help you have a secure connection.

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