HP Elitedesk 705

HP Elitedesk 705 Ryzen 5 8 GB RAM/256 GB SSD Desktop Specs

HP Elitedesk 705 PCS has gained importance in today’s world. Every office is incomplete without a proper PC. Besides the gaming industry, pcs have also helped businesses in many ways. If you are searching for a business pc, then your search ends here. The hp elite desk 705 is the best pc for you, and the HP elite desk 705 is a small form factor PC.

Furthermore, it’s designed to provide output for a computer an employee needs. It’s a tiny little box with a 1.5-litre chassis, and this size is reasonable for a typical mini PC. It weighs 1.3 kg.

The HP elite desk 705 Features Many Employment Options:

  1. It’s compatible with monitor mounting.
  2. Supports the tower format.
  3. It can also lay on its side.

Below Mentioned are Some Specs of The HP Elite Desk 705:-


All the models of the HP Elite Des 705 consist of AMD processors. Nowadays, every alternate computer has an AMD processor. This unit has a quad-core Ryzen 5 pro 3400 GE chip. Besides this, it also has integrated radian Vega 11 graphics. It also has a 3.3 gigahertz base clock speed with a four gigahertz boost. This is one of the best business-grade chips ever developed by AMD. Apart from it also supports a wide range of management tools.

HP Elitedesk 705

Memory Of HP Elitedesk 705

Besides having a premium processor, it also has a proper memory aspect. The interior design of the HP elite Desk 705 is very sophisticated. You need to remove a single thumb screw to dismiss the case, and doing so will reveal a laid-out chassis with all the key components that are accessible.

In the storage specs, it has a spare 2.5 INSATA driveway which can support Your storage expansion up to any limits. You can reveal the M .2 slot used for the primary storage with further unscrewing. This PC comes with a 256 GB NVME SSD. Not to say it has a benchmark score of 2573 MB per second, and it also has a 1495 MB per second sequential writing speed. Th This speed Is suitable enough for any Business needs.

 Along with this, it also comes with an 8 Gb Module SK Hainix Ram. This ram can be further upgraded to 16GB if you must more.

Ports Of HP Elitedesk 705

As one can expect from a business-class Desktop, This PC has a solid range of ports. First, the front panel includes 23.1 ports, Out of which is the power delivery one. Then there is a type C Port on the front with a separate 3.5MM port. At the back, you have 4 SB 3.1 quotes. Apart from it, you also get a Twin to display port output With an Ethernet port.

Yet, It does not get HDMI support. But there is external space for Attaching optional ports. You can include VGA, Display ports or even a serial port.

With this, HP has created a dependable business PC. Besides being reliable, it also delivers the actual power required for any business. One can efficiently work using this pc, providing mild gaming support.

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