HP Elitedesk 800

HP Elitedesk 800 Core i5 4 GB RAM/500 GB HDD Desktop Specs

HP Elitedesk 800 Everyone requires a premium PC for running a business, and a proper PC will make office computing easier. Besides business purposes, PCs are also used for gaming, and a good PC can handle High-level business computing with gaming. If you are looking for the best Office PC, then Elite Desk 800 Would be the best for you.

The HP elite desk 800 is a prebuilt business desktop. Apart from being five years old, it is still a viable solution for home and office uses. Besides using the premium motherboard, it also supports Intel’s 4th generation processor. One can upgrade this PC into a gaming machine, and you can do it with a proper graphics card upgrade.

The HP elite desk 800 is a desktop form factor computer. A text of form factor computer is like a tower form factor computer. The difference is that it’s placed on its side and has four PCI slots. Moreover, it Uses the same motherboard as a mini-tower model.

Below Mentioned are Some Specs of The Elite Desk 800:-

Windows 11 Compatibility:-

Besides using a powerful motherboard still, it is not eligible for Windows 11 upgrade. According to the specifications, all models should have 8 generation processor Or mode, and this PC uses Intel’s 4th-generation Processor, which is not supported. Further, the Processor should have TPM 2.0 with a UEFI Secure Boot Bios.


The HP Elite Desk 800 supports Intel’s fourth-generation Processor, uses the same 22-nanometer manufacturing process, and has an improved performance Of around 8%. Besides having support for new sockets also supports DDA for the ramp. Apart from all these, it also has new cache designs. Moreover, it’s also available with Intel Gen4 i3/i5/i7, Celeron, and Pentium.

HP Elitedesk 800

Memory Of HP Elitedesk 800

Besides having a powerful processor, it also has the greatest memory. The HP elite desk 800 provides 4 RAM slots. Besides, it also supports dual-channel memory configuration. The amount of RAM in this computer is Enough for almost any workload.

This PC supports up to 32 GB of DDR3 ram to cover your gaming and OS needs. Faster RAM speeds provide better Computer performance.

Along with higher RAM, this PC also provides Better storage. It comes with three SATA ports, and it has a pre-installed 500GB hard disc. SATA ports are one of the places where you can connect your storage devices, and not enough SATA ports May limit your storage device. Unfortunately, the HP Elite desk 800 Provides No M.2 PCI-E sockets. So you have to only rely on the provided SATA ports. The PCI SSC connector offers higher transfer rates than the old SATA interface.

Prots Of HP Elitedesk 800

While buying a PC, the number of Ports Present in it is the most unnoticed thing. The lower amount of USB ports may limit our ability to connect to external devices. But this is not a thing to worry about with The elite desk 800. It comes with 10 USB ports; unfortunately, it does not support any 3.1 ports. Besides USB ports, it also supports video outlet ports And also has HDMI slots. Best PC for official use and mild gaming purpose.

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