HP Omen 25L

HP Omen 25L Core i7 16 GB RAM/512 GB SSD Desktop Specs

HP Omen 25L People fall in love with gaming PC’s further notorious looks. Because of the aggressive shape and colorful lights, it looks like it comes from a sci-fi movie. In short, they are not a thing that can blend in a corner. The HP Omen 25 L Gaming Desktop looks to change The trend.

Presented in a new cleaner design, It teaches Gaming aesthetics. Moreover, It has a more professional-looking aspect. 

The HP oman 25 L A is available in a conventional tower form. Besides being in a boxy tower, it bears no flashy logos like its predecessors. In its place, it has a simple backlit omen logo. But, you can make the logo shine in any RGB spectrum. In short, it has a more substitute aesthetic that Older gamers would appreciate. But, this PC has an integrated tempered glass panel on the left. Via this, you can see all the internal hardware.

Below Mentions are Some Specs of The HP Omen 25l Desktop:-


HP omen 25L is Customizable with up to 12 generation intel core I7CPU. It can also be equipped with AMD Ryzen five and Ryzen seven ape. Besides all this, it can also use with Ryzen five CPU. All these chips can go with up to NVIDIA RTX3080GPU. Besides this, you can also equip it with AMD Radion RX G6700XT GPU.

Memory Of HP Omen 25L

Besides the processor, there is another crucial aspect of a PC, and it is The memory. Higher RAM will provide better performance on your PC, and besides increasing your processing speed, it will also improve your User experience. The HP omen 25 L Has, in total, four memory slots. These Memory slots support DDR4 Rams, and each space can have up to 16 GB of RAM. In short, the most significant memory supported in this PC is 64GB.

This amount of RAM Is enough for any Gaming needs. For having the best game experience, It’s recommended that you Max out the RAM slot.

HP Omen 25L

Besides a high amount of memory, It also provides good storage. It provides 256 GB PCI-E SSD. Further, it also opts for a 2TB HDD. The SDD interface is the standard SATA port. The hard disc has an RPM of 7200 Rotations per minute. So the storage specs are 256 GB SSD with two TB HDD.

Ports and Connectivity Of HP Omen 25L

Another essential aspect that many users miss while purchasing a desktop Is ports. Fewer ports will limit your ability to connect to external devices. But this is not the problem with HP omen 25 L. Besides front panel ports, it also provides rear ports. It supports 2USB super speed type-A ports on the front, and each has a 5GB per second signaling rate. Besides, it has a front audio port, headphones, and microphone combo port.

Moreover, on the back, it consists of 1 video port. It also has one HDMI port and one display port. Besides this, it also consists of two rear USB superspeed-type ports. It has a 10GB per second signaling rate. Apart from this, it also has one super speed USB type C10GB per second port. Altogether, this is one of the most premium gaming PCs.

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