HP Elitedesk 800 G6

HP Elitedesk 800 G6 Core i7 8GB RAM/500 GB SSD Desktop Specs

HP Elitedesk 800 G6 In today’s world, who does not want a powerful PC that can handle their Day to day needs. Besides handling game Needs, computers Should also handle Business needs. Searching for the best PC that can handle all Tasks can be a Hefty job. So if we must use a PC that can handle your office and gaming needs, then you should look into this. The elite desk 800 G6 Is the best option For you.

The HP elite test 800G6 is a pre-built mini desktop PC. Besides using a newer generation motherboard, it also uses Intel’s 10th generation processor.

HP Elite Desk 800 G6 is a micro form factor PC. These are the smallest segment of PC available in the market. Moreover, this is the most compact PC. Upgrading this device with more RAM and storage is easy, but it has little to no expandability. Besides, models like this have an optional Wi-fi and Bluetooth module along With an M2 slot for an SSD.

Below Mentioned are Some Specs of The HP Elite Desk 800G6:-

Windows 11 Compatibility:-

Yes, the HP Elite Desk 800G6 is compatible with Windows 11 and fulfils all the necessary guidelines for the upgradation. For the upgradation, all models should have Intel 8 generation processor or newer, and they should support TPM 2.0 and have UEFI bios. In short, the systems fulfilling all these aspects are eligible for the upgradation.

HP Elitedesk 800 G6


Besides having an upgraded motherboard, This PC also has A premium processor. It supports Intel’s 10 generation i-3,i-5,i-7and i-9 processor. The 10th generation processor Game came into life in 2019. In the company lineup, this update has a major impact. This new technology provides more energy efficiency Cpu’s.

Memory Of HP Elitedesk 800 G6

The HP elite does 800G6 desktop and Provides two RAM slots, and besides, it also supports dual-channel memory. The HP elite desk 800 G6 can support up to 64 GB DDR4 RAM to cover your gaming and office requirements.

Faster RAM speeds permit Your processor to access data and memory faster. Besides higher ramp capacity also has a Single SATA port. But due to its small size does not have any hard disc drive. Besides, it has an 500 GB SSD. The HP Elite Desk 800G6 desktop provides 2 M.2 sockets for PCI and SATA drives. It provides a transfer speed of 3GB per second. As a result, you get faster data transfer. Which in totals increases all over pc’s speed.

Ports Of HP Elitedesk 800 G6

Welcome to buying PC People ignore the number of ports in it. Thus the face trouble while connecting external devices to their PC. Thus while buying a PC, you should consider the number of ports it has. The HP Elite Desk is 800G6 and Has seven USD ports in total 10. Not to mention one should pay attention While choosing the USB versions. Higher versions provide faster transfer speeds. It is good that this PC has a USB 3.1 Port. Through This interface, one can transfer Data at a speed of 10GB per second.

Besides the US reports, this PC also consists of display ports. It features display port 1.4. Along with a display port, it also has an HDMI port. This port is like a display port but Provides a higher video quality.

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